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Paschal Farms is family owned and operated and sits on 20 beautiful acres outside of Portland, Oregon.

With over 15 years of growing experience, the farm focuses on entomological harmony and regenerative practices. We believe that plantbased medicine, food, and adult recreation is essential for a thriving new generation.

Our Approach

The computer automated grow houses utilized on site are completely enclosed state-of-the-art buildings that include concrete radiant heat flooring, automated supplemental and solar lighting, and automated light deprivation.

This progressive production of craft cannabis optimizes solar energy while maintaining an environmentally sound interior climate.

It’s in the Water

The 3,000 sq ft agricultural building on site is equipped with a legal and permitted rainwater harvesting system that can capture, store and reuse over 100,000 gallons of water for production annually. 

Research findings by Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto are applied on stored water: He observed that by writing positive words on containers of water, water molecules were transformed from distorted and chaotic crystallizations into more balanced and beautiful ones.

Community and mission

Paschal Farms’ flower is not only known for its taste and smell, but for its impact on the community. For every pound of flower sold, a pound of food is given to a hungry Oregonian.

Paschal Farms has partnered with Portland nonprofits Growing Gardens & Urban Gleaners to help fulfill this mission. The Paschals believe that the communities who’ve suffered the most from the war on drugs should be some of the first in line to receive benefits from the production and sale of legal cannabis.

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