Many people don’t realize how attached they’ve become to the things they possess and the spaces they inhabit. Being mindful of the environment you exist in everyday can be the difference between living and LIVING. If you find yourself doing the following five things often, you’re on the road to becoming a minimalist.

You’re a minimalist at heart if:

  1. You Digital Detox: You enjoy taking time out of your day to step away from your electronics and connect with your  surroundings.
  2. You Organize and Declutter Often: Piles of clothes strewn about and six different cans of dry shampoo laying around isn’t your thing. You enjoy keeping a clean environment and taking donation trips to Goodwill.
  3. You Watch Marie Kondo on the Reg: Instead of going out, you prefer to vacuum dance and declutter the night away, with Kon Marie doing her magic on replay in the background.
  4. You Value Financial Freedom: You are financially goal-oriented and mindful of your spending habits. Paying off your credit card feels good, and paying yourself first feels even better.
  5. Window Shopping Is Your Guilty Pleasure: Coming home empty handed doesn’t bother you. In the rare occasion you go for a purchase, you find yourself bargaining for something that brings you true joy. You are not a material girl (or boy/they/them) in this material world.


Contributing content by Victoria Erran who’s degree in sustainability landed her in an important role at Recycled City, an urban composting firm in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona