Submitted by Julie McGrath

Did you know that juicing has been around for hundreds of years? Similar to intermittent fasting it was practiced long before pop-culture swiped it up for its benefits. So, why is it so trendy? Juicing makes getting your daily dose of plants just plain easy. When was the last time you got your full serving of recommended fruit and veggies in one day?

For many of us eating our five servings of veggies and four servings of fruit in one day is a massive struggle. If you’re still on the struggle bus eating something like kale, why not try juicing it with some apple & pineapple? Not only are these elixirs delicious, they allow you meet and many times exceed daily serving recommendations.

By drinking fresh pressed juices, you flood your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can help fight disease, cure chronic illness, and reduce inflammation within our bodies. Given the last year and a half, I think we can all use a little extra protection these days.

The benefits of juicing go beyond just the nutritional impact because it also helps us to reset our routines. For instance, by stopping our usual breakfast go-to and substituting a half day or full day of juice, it can help lift us out of poor eating habits and press reset on our daily routine. This reset can also give our digestive system a much needed rest. Similar to fasting, juicing limits the amount of solid food consumption and gives your digestive system the space it needs to repair and rebalance. The rest, reset, and rebalance in our bodies can lead to increased energy and an overall feeling of well-being.

Happy Juicing!


Julie is an illustrator and college instructor from Boston, MA, living in Pensacola, FL. Check out her work on Instagram @drawpaintdesign.