Holiday gatherings are right around the corner and if you’ve nailed down a medicated treat you’re planning to share with friends there’s a few things to keep in mind before you show up as the coolest person to the party.

Ask Permission – Always run it by the host that you’re planning to bring medicated treats to the party and tell them about your plan to make them responsibly available for other guests.

Keep Them Covered  – Make them more difficult to access by covering them with a heavy glass cloche or some sort of fastened lid. (maybe even locked, with a label asking to find you to unlock)  Alcohol and small talk trigger mindless munchies and you don’t want your medicated desserts to be a fast pickup option.

Design a Warning Label – Since common sense isn’t so common these days, make a clearly legible sign on your container lid with a universal cannabis symbol making it impossible for guests to miss. Language like “Warning, Contains Cannabis. Effects take up to 1 hour”  works well. You can even include a green cross on each item or transfer a cannabis label from a company like baked smart in case the item is misplaced away from the warning signage.

Place in a Separate Area – Placing the medicated dish in a completely separate area than party food will lessen the chance that guests will miss that its medicated.

Since home made edibles are difficult to determine dosage per serving, try to go easy on the potency. Cut the amount of cannabis you typically use in 1/2 or 1/4.