Submitted by Areeba Shahid

Being self-sufficient and independent is now a dream of many and the main goal for most. Are you one of such people? The good news is that you are on the path to success; though it will be hard, you have taken the first step by reading this. 

Being enough for yourself is a wellness program for yourself. If you want to be a self-sufficient individual, then you should the consider the following:

  1. Boost Your Self-Esteem:

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle between you and your dreams is yourself. It is ridiculous to say that you stop yourself from achieving all those dreams that you so dearly want. But this is true when you are lacking in self-esteem. You can find many Organic ways to boost your self-esteem. Such as making your bed, getting well dressed every morning and adopting a workout routine.

Being self-sufficient also means that you have to look inside yourself. Are you highly proud of who you are? Do you often feel confident in your everyday choices? Having high self-esteem may be the only special ingredient you are looking for.

Hence the first step is to boost your self-esteem. Know that you matter and can do big things and acquire anything you set your heart to. Use this method as healing for your soul.

  1. Stop Asking For Affirmations And Permission From Others:

When you wish to be independent, that shouldn’t only be financial. It would help if you freed yourself from depending on others in all aspects of life.

You shouldn’t be seeking affirmations for your dreams from people who can’t see those dreams. Why give so much strength to others when you possess the vision to make ideal choices for yourself in life?

Instead of asking others for permission, you should follow your gut and do what you know that you are supposed to do. Just go with the flow and follow your heart when in doubt.

  1. Learn To Be Fine With Your Independence:

As you grow, you will go through many obstacles in life making you a stronger and more independent person.  Getting out of a long-term relationship can hurt but in the end will make you depend on other people less.

Instead of finding new support, find something that will help you out by yourself. Get a hobby, learn something new, improve your life patterns and make it a win for yourself all by yourself. This is one of the top Ways To Be More Self-Sufficient.

  1. Be Even More Assertive:

Pleasing everyone isn’t ever going to happen. When you put others’ feelings above your own, you might lose focus on what you want from life. Being assertive is like telling people that I want a sustainable life and working for it.

Assertiveness is a certain trait that can fight feelings of emotional dependence. If we assert our feelings by telling other people what we want from them, we not only get more respect interpersonally, but we also become a lot more emotionally independent resultantly.

  1. Understand what brings dependence:

When you know the cause, you know the cure. What if someone told you that depending on others may be explained by chemicals in your brain?

Understanding how our brain works and why you get easily attached may help fix the emotional issue. Oxytocin is the chemical in the brain that makes mammals feel safe in the company of others.

Knowing what makes you feel safe makes it easier to manage attachment. You can always tell yourself that you are safe even when you are not with your herd. However you wish to be, these are some ways to be more self-sufficient in your life. 

You can find many organic ways to help you become an improved version of yourself who is independent and enough. Being enough for yourself is a kind of healing that will soothe your heart and free it from fear.