Submitted by Areeba Shahid

This is a great time to show your love to people, regardless of what month it is or your financial situation. Whether you are celebrating some familial love, platonic love, romantic love, or anything in between, small acts of affection go a very long way.

And luckily, there are many ways to show love without even spending a dime. We will see some methods so that you can always show love to those that matter to you.

  1. Make A Photo Book Or A Collage:

Print out all of your favorite pictures of your loved ones with you and let all of your creative abilities flow. Whether you wish to star in some of your videos or make it all regarding them and make sure you make them feel your love. 

Free editing software is present on the internet, and if you require an editing crash course, you may also find some tutorials online.

  1. Go On The Digital Platforms And Edit A Video:

If you are more into digitals, you can try editing a very fun video to show your loved ones your affection. Whether you wish to star in some of the videos or want to make it totally for them, you can do anything at all. 

Having a video will let you enjoy some of the most creative songs and motion pictures that can let your creative abilities out.

  1. Send Them On A Scavenger Hunt:

Write riddles or some clues on slips of paper and then hide them in many locations, either inside your home or in your neighborhood that you met in or on your favorite date spot. Your loved ones will have to guess an answer to every clue to find the next ones.

  1. Make A Personal Playlist For Them:

Are there any songs out there that always remind you of someone you love? Well, let us make it a source of healing and let your love reach them. Or do you know your loved one so much that you may line up an entire playlist of songs that will make them go crazy? 

You can do all of these cool things with songs with lyrics and create your little playlist that holds your world in it. You can go to SoundCloud, which is free and create your perfect playlist over there. These are some cool ways to show love to people around you.

  1. Offer A Favor Or Service:

Lift some weight from their shoulders by checking on an item off from their to-do list. If you wish to go the extra mile, then wake up early and complete those tasks to do it before they have even just started their day. 

You may also think of offering a professional service for free. Can you also design a logo for the website or even draft a budget for their upcoming project? What may seem like a mundane skill for you can go a very long way for your loved ones?

These are a few ways how to show love without spending money. You can always include nature, friends, family, and self-love for those around you. You can arrange picnics in nature that are entirely cost-free. Ways to show love will let you bring your loved ones closer to you. So are you ready to try out one of these methods?