Connection is the opposite of addiction.

Addiction is a feeling of disconnection from ourselves and others. Connection, on the other hand, is the feeling of being connected to something—it’s a sense of belonging somewhere, or a feeling of being able to communicate with someone else.

So what does this mean for our society? It means that we need to create an environment where people feel like they belong, where they have a sense of community. We need to create spaces where people can connect with one another, which will help them feel less alone in their struggles.

One way we can do this is through yoga. The practice of yoga encourages us to be aware of our bodies and minds at all times—which means we’re more likely to notice when we’re feeling disconnected from ourselves or others around us.

This kind of awareness leads directly into connection: once we become aware of what makes us feel disconnected from others (or even ourselves), then we can take steps toward more connection by making changes in our own lives and by interacting with others more often.